WHEN THE swws TOLD, how win you can It?
Whethev us all lies, I Ins! hope that you son II
1H0! nmhiug else, then for your own PEACE OF MIND.
Only mgvel I have If that I wank SEE THE SIGNS
So an Ihem I’m In REASON wane APART.
Tell {hem {damaged you and left you BLEEDING FROM YOUR HEARY
Fuck it, te| them I have! LOVED VOU.
Evan Ihough you know (he! my evarythmg WAS vou
Ten Ihem I was a her and a CHEATERTOO.
run them I navenned to BELIEVE IN vou.
GD on, tell them I W%N‘T SHIT
aux leave oul all we oz>.e:s«haI you were FUCKING wm<.
Tell them um I left you out Io ow IN THE com,
But please, don‘t rnenuon all at me LIES THAT vou TOLD.
JUSI tell them I wash’! THERE FOR VOU
Do your b-es! lo make them behave I di K CARE FOR VOU.
uon‘neII (hem aboul all me pain |woud BEAR sow YOU.
Or mu menfion all the nlghls I shad TEARS row you.

Jusl tell them lhal I‘m the reason you might NEVER LOVE AGAIN.
Tell them I mighl have been a lover btnl NEVER WAS A FRIEND.
aux whatever you do, don‘neH them about me GNING vou MY HEART.
.. And Ihen wllchmg you RIP ITALL APART.