Full Moon Happening on October 13th, 2019 If your feeling a lot of emotional ups and downs this week; you aren’t alone. The energy surrounding this full moon is intense and is coming with a strong purpose.. to illuminate the dark spaces in our lives that are difficult for us to see. While the powerful Libra energy this month has us reflect on our relationships, the Moon in Aries forces us to take action. We often get trapped in patterns of behavior and in cycles of repetition. Things that we deem to be the norm, we pay no mind to. The people in our lives that we are used to or feel dependent on, we no longer question. This Full Moon will encourage us to open our eyes and really analyze each person’s place in our lives and whether they bring value to our storylines. We will see clearly where we need to refocus our energies. Read caption to receive our Free Full Moon Guide which dives deeply into what we can expect to experience and learn from the energy surrounding this Full Moon. Type YES if you’re ready!

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